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Sellers with a 10 week + turn around time. please join me

Are you overwhelmed?
Did you consider putting shop on vaca?
How many orders do you have?

Am I the only one? :) lol

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I do a lot of made to order items, and in Sept-Nov I'm at a three week turnaround time.

Sometimes I do feel overwhelmed, and I have to just make some listings inactive or not relist until I am caught up and ready to take on more work. I wouldn't put my shop on vacation unless I am doing a show/fair/convention.

My busiest month I had 66 orders. Currently I have 7 orders I need to make. All were purchased on the 30th-today, and I have to rush two for Birthdays that the seller informed me of in the notes. OY!

Thank u :)

I have 100 orders to make! I think is time I take a break....I walways say that and then 2 days later I'm up and running again lol
I ship about 8/ week...but sell about 10-15.... I never catch up.....
Mine are all made to order
Why don't you try raising your prices? It may cut back on sales, but you'll have less work to do and you'll be making the same amount...
Gisele, your work is stunning! I'm thinking about getting one for my next baby! Not now, don't worry! lol

I'm thinking Amy is right, you could raise your prices a bit more, making less sales but more profit. That's a good way of slowing this down without sacrificing revenue..
I raised my prices, and I just raised my turnaround time to 6 weeks... and if sales keep coming, it will move up to 8 weeks...

Sometimes raising prices doesn't slow down sales.. :)
Lovefelt....your shop is adorable!!!
I did guys...and tks :)
I'm afraid to raise more....not that I do not think is worth it...I might though

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