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Is it Tacky?

To talk about how much money you make? At craft shows, or in a social setting? I know some people at shows love to brag when they've had a good day, and I don't mind it really but I think it's a bit rude considering some people have usually had a bad day. I usually do better than my neighbors, so I don't say a word unless someone asks.

In social settings I usually don't say how much money I make but want to since it bothers me that people just assume I make very little or nothing. When I tell people what I do, I usually get a "good for U" type of response, and then either awkward silence or advice on how I could start to sell my jewelry at gift shops, or fairs ( at this point it's clear that the person in question already assumes I have never sold a thing). Not even a slight bit of curiosity of how well my business does,, nope, they just know that it's a total failure. Usually I try to shift conversation to someone else at this point...

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I don`t mention numbers. I can talk about agreat day and a crappy day ... but no actual $$ amount.

I guess that depends on who you're speaking with. Some will always find it tacky. Others will not.

I hate when people assume!
My dad used to tell us: To assume makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me." We got his point.
I think some people just don't have a filter. Some like to brag but others just may not realize that other people didn't have as good a day or that they may find it inappropriate. Kind of like those strangers you run into at the store that like to tell you about their uncle's father's cat named lefty with one eye and three legs.
"Speak less than you know. Have more than you show."

I saw that phrase a long time ago. Seems sensible, humble and sound.
I market at horse shows & dog shows. Among these vendors, it is considered bad form to talk money or exact dollars. Most people compare this year's show with last year as a way of relating how the show is going.
If someone asks that's fine, I'll tell them - it's not a secret or anything. But I wouldn't volunteer the information.
I find it tacky. And I subscribe to the adage John posted:)

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