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It seems that everyones favorite collective is gone...

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A little late, but at least that was the expected outcome... Yay
I'm more than a little shocked.
Gone without one word.
No I'm sorry I made a mistake or anything.
Shelley from HooliganAlley says

You know, face saving is everything. If the noise had not been so loud requiring defense, it might have happened much faster.


Oh, I (respectfully) disagree. I think they could have (and should have) saved face right for the start by issuing a simple statement such as:

"We recognize that important issues have been raised in this matter. Rest assured that we are carefully examining all the issues in accordance with our standard procedures. Please remember that we are sensitive to the privacy needs of all Etsy community members and as such, our internal discussions and any resulting decisions will not be shared publicly."

Crisis Communications 101: When you find yourself at the center of an emerging controversy, do *not* create a communications vacuum. Get your story out there first and frame the debate.

In Etsy's case, the framing they needed was "We share your concerns. We take these matters seriously. We will not speak about this publicly out of concern for the rights of all community members."

Instead, the framing they got was "Etsy doesn't care. Etsy is incompetent. Etsy is deceptive."

If they had framed this correctly from the beginning, there wouldn't have been such an uproar.

This whole episode would make a great PR / crisis communications case study.
Is her "featured seller" article still up?

Shouldn't it come down, now that she's moved on/been kicked out/whatever???
*does a little soft shoe on the coffee table*
Hmmm, interesting. Would love to know the story behind it.
The featured seller article is still there!
She's probably making enough at overstock.com that this won't affect her bottom line too much.

For those who don't know what the fuss is about, start here: www.regretsy.com/2012/04/21/the-etsy-featured-reseller-ecologica-ma...
With all the recognition and fame that came from the story, maybe all the employees went on strike for higher pay and a bigger cut, leaving no one to do the work and make the stuff.

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