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Yet another shipping question...

This is likely a dumb question, but I would like to clarify a small thing. Made my first sale (yeah!) and it is a domestic sale within the US.

The item is being shipped in a flat small envelope. Since it is a little cumbersome to get to the post office to ship it out, can I simply apply the right postage using stamps?

Thanks for helping out this newbie.

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Yes you can, or you can weigh it and print out a label using Paypal shipping. You do get a small discount and free delivery confirmation using this method.
Thank you so much, Amy! :)
I would recommend going to the PO for your first shipment. Postage may be different then you anticipate if the PO determines that it is a "package". Also, if you want to use delivery confirmation, the envelope must be rigid or at least 3/4" thick.

It would be unfortunate if your first customer received her order "postage due"
You can't put delivery confirmation on a regular envelope. It has to be 3/4 inch thick or the post office won't accept it. You can still print your postage through paypal though. Try a small bubble mailer and send as a package>thick envelope if you want delivery confirmation.
Now you guys have me worried. I just dropped it off. It was shipped in a small bubble mailer (4x8), and very flat. I put about 1.32 worth of postage on it, because the USPS postage price said it should require 0.90 cents worth.

Think I will be ok?
if the packet is thinner than 3/4" but not as thin as a greeting card, then it will be bumped up in price. Did you make it 3/4" and affix postage in the amount that a first class parcel/pkg would require? If so, then you are okay.
A bubble mailer is considered a package if there's any variation in thickness (as in, containing something more than documents). Always send bubble mailers parcel rate. Maybe you should take your next one to the PO so you can get an idea; then you'll know how to ship it. Congrats on the sale! :)
It all depends on weight and where it's being shipped to and from. Also size and rigidity.
Ok. I will know better next time I ship out an item.

In case there is insufficient postage, will the item be returned to me for more postage or will it be delivered to the buyer with postage due (eep!)?

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