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Front Page 12:12 EST

I am LOVING the colors on the front page right now. What a REFRESHING change from the same old usual BLAH drabby neutral colors that are usually there.....
Just thought I'd mention it since it doesn't happen often. Thought maybe someone else might want to take a look.

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Very nice, I had a look. Saying color I thought maybe I was there, no such luck.
See now that is soo funny. Y'all think that is color? To me its all white with bits of color, albeit there are spots of bright color.

I think this is where I get confused when people say there is color all the time on the front page.

I appreciate a bit of color too:) It looks very pretty right now.

What I'm not really into are the same four wedding category pics that have been up there for days and days and days..........when there are thousands of wedding sellers.

To me...THIS is color.

(no promo...I just found that while looking through treasuries and am using it as example of what color means to me)
yup thats color loopy agree
That Loopy...she sure knows color!

: )
Color? This one from a couple months ago just blew me away. I saved it. If the fp ever looked like this I would plotz.

what color means to me!
love that treasury (hot summer)! you are definitely seeing color through an artist's eye, not everyone has it ;)

I am also bored with the same front pages. Etsy definitely has an "approved" look, nuetrals especialy white, makes me want to scream!!!!
Hallie, that's a great one too! Finally a treasury that's not full of the same old thing.

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