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How's your business in the first week of June?

I had only 1 sales in the first week of June. I can't imagine how quiet it would be when summer comes...

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So far for me ok, but I have a birthday sale every year this week ;-)
Generally business slows after that, and then july and august are really slow. haven't come across any tips or tricks yet that have been able to boost business in the summer time, unfortunatly.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:04pm Jun 8, 2012 EDT
This is my first summer with Etsy. I am currently working on custom orders and listings. Will see how it goes!
One sale, but my markets are picking up and I am selling a lot there.
6 Etsy orders and 3 offline orders, so I am pretty busy because all of my wreaths are made to order.
Two sales for me so far.
Sales are consistent but the revenue has slowed. I'm down from last month for sure.
This week in June, just looking at my stats, has been the best month so far. However, there are reasons for this:
-I only started listing in my shop in March this year (I'd been on vacation since I opened for a week - after listing a dozen items and having a bit life event make me put Etsy on hold before starting!)
-I've listed a fair number of new items in a short space of time - giving it the proper push to get me noticed a little more
-A 'good' month for me won't put food on the table or anything - but it's a complementary income to my main business which is custom made pet portrait sculptures and ornaments, of which I have a waiting list for outside of Etsy.

I imagine summer is quiet, especially when there's no major holidays for people to buy gifts for. I'm using the quiet summer period to work on stock ready for the holidays, and to widen my product range.

OP: I love these -


I think it's just a tough time for a lot of sellers - in the slow summer months we might not have as much 'pocket money' to impulse buy when we see something we like.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:28pm Jun 8, 2012 EDT
Two sales for me, and a big wholesale inquiry that turned into a deal! Yay!
It's been okay, I'm determined to get to 100 items in store by the end of June so concentrating on that more than promoting for sales :)

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