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Trouble with pappashop, may need a new host

My standalone is hosted on pappashop. I just moved there about 6 months ago. I have had very little in the way of good customer service. In fact, most of the time, I cannot even login. Says 'invalid entry'.

so I go to their forums (I can login the pappashop main site easily and every time) and ask for help. they ask me what browser, and don't try to save your password, enter every time. Etc.

And I follow it. But this is now week 3 that I can't login and they are not helping me.

does anyone have any advice about this? And, is there there another host that could handle my current setup?

I'm not a techie and I'm so confused. But I do need to update my site and I can't!

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I had my site hosted with Pappashop, I had good customer service when I called them. Have you actually tried to call?

I left Pappashop a couple of years ago and went with Shopify. Their customer service is incredible. Super fast responses and always spot on with their help.

Good luck with your issue, hope it gets resolved soon.
I've been using Weebly for a couple of months. It was easy to set up and is easy to update. I haven't set it up to do sales yet,but I think there is a team on Etsy that is helpful. I'm not familiar with Papashop though.
I have been emailing pappashop. And today they sent me 2. One to tell me that they have reloaded my shop. And a second to say okay, here's the password (and said they'd checked to make sure it worked) and here's the list of links.

I did it again. Same result. 'Invalid entry' and I cannot login. I have never had a problem logging in anywhere. I'm at a loss to determine how/why. And quite honestly, I'm just disgusted at this time.

I have to stay with a host that has Mal's cart since that's what I've returned too. I may have to consider shopify if pappahop continues to be a problem.

I'm just amazed and confused and not very happy at the moment.
Are you having problems loggin in to the Manager StoreAdmin? I have Pappashop for over a year now and I haven't had in problems and I also have Mal's cart too no problems there either. Sorry you are having problems but they have been pretty good at customer service.
it is just to login so that I can work in the storeadmin area. I can't. Every time I try I get a blank page with 'invalid entry' on it.

and I'm stumped. I hope they can help.

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