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Leafleting to promote shop

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:23am Jun 10, 2012 EDT

Has anyone put leaflets through mailboxes to promote their shop? I really need more people offline to know about my shop. I can't think how else to promote my shop outside of the internet (which is bringing me no sales anyway).

Should I just use business cards or get some small leaflets made saying a bit more about what I stock?

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Unless you send them through the mail, its against the law to "put" anything into a mailbox:)
Hang fliers. I recommend you only do "outside" advertising if you have a physical shop separate for the internet.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:50am Jun 10, 2012 EDT
I didn't think it was against the law. I get business cards, leaflets and ads through my letter box every day. I even did my last art fair because I got a flyer wanting artists. And if it's against the law why do I always see jobs for leafleters going door to door?

I don't have a physical shop, just my Etsy shop.
it may be allowed in the UK. Here in the U.S., it is against the law. Justgivemepeace may not have noticed your location. Regardless, I'd recommend a more targeted marketing plan. It will cost you less in the long run to specifically focus on people who might be interested in your types of items than everybody who lives within a certain area.
It's for sure against the law in the US.
In the US, you can leave leaflets on peoples front doors, like those religious door-knockers do.
But you cannot leave it in the mailbox, only the US post office can do that.

I would not do it though, it is a lot of work for very un-targeted results.

Even the religious doorknockers have very poor results with that method.

In the US, mailboxes are only for mail.

Many communities have laws against leaving leaflets or flyers. Often they get blown off doors or cars and create litter. You need to check if local laws as well.
Try places where other people put up flyers, legally and with permission, of course! I managed to bring in several extra customers at a recent craft show with just three small signs, two on an outdoor community bulletin board, and one at a local cafe. Try to think of where the people who buy your stuff are likely to be found, and put up a small number of eye-catching signs.

I would never try to put leaflets through doors in the US or the UK (I've lived in both countries) simply because I hate it so much when I have to clean up someone else's leaflets at my own house that I end up with a very negative impression of them!
I wouldn't use leaflets through the mail or houses or cars, because I think it's illegal to do so.

Maybe post in your community?

I posted a little flyer with business cards in a little pouch attached to it, in my communities laundry room. So far, 5 cards have been taken and I'm waiting to see if I get sales from it.

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