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Displaying unframed prints?

Hi everyone. I have my first exhibition coming up and my budget doesn't allow for buying a bunch of frames. So I need ideas for displaying unframed 8x10 linocut prints. Any thoughts?

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Nice work Jennifer.

Some exhibitions require framing but if yours doesn't how about being creative and hanging prints from a wire or string with clothespins or other clips similar to what you show in photographs. Could be interesting if done creatively.

Good luck with the show!
If you see my about page you can see a shot of my booth. How you display them in your listings is an easy and cool way to do it in a booth.

I pack everything in a sleeve with a chipboard backing that I get from Uline. In addition to the ones hanging, I place several in a flip box and a folder. Good luck.
Matt your 'About' page is everything it should be - honest, funny and insightful. I really enjoyed reading it :)
Thanks for the responses. Matt, I love your About page!

I'm hesitant about using clothesline because the dress code for the event is cocktail attire, so while I obviously love the look, I'm not sure it would fit in with the venue. Bulldog clips might look better...but how to attach them to the wall in a non-damaging way?

I like the grid wall idea you used, Matt. I think that could look cool, if I can find one cheaply enough.

Any other ideas? I want to go in there with an arsenal of solutions. :-)
If you could stand-up a large cork board (maybe paint it black or something to make it look nicer?) you could use binder clips & hang them with thumbtacks. Really dig your work, good luck!
Thanks, Brandi! I like that idea...I could put the board on an easel. Or glue clips to a piece of black foam core...

Anything other ideas or tips?
Some artists display them in their protective sleeves in a tray or basket,
or on a ledge (like Ikea make) , on mini easels depending on the size,
or hang them with clothepins to a rope against the wall.
I use a binder with plastic sleeves to display calendar prints. The customer can pick up the book a flip through it with ease and you don't have to worry about them damaging or staining it.
I use peg board with 3 pegs to hold the photo on the board.

If you have a tent you can hang them from the tent frame, or add legs for stand up boards.

Good Luck with your show!

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