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I think I might hate my banner. Thoughts?

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Inactive Etsy Member 6:34pm Jun 11, 2012 EDT
When I decided to open my shop, I reserved the name and immediately put it into vacation mode while I lurked and learned and ordered supplies and made some pieces...quietly waiting to spring myself on Etsy when the time was right :). I regret doing this now because it looks like my shop has been open a month longer than it has and that in the first month I didn't have a single sale but I'm just being silly...:).

During that time I approached a shop about buying a custom banner but I never got a reply so I toiled over Photoshop for hours and made my own. I thought I liked it but now...ehhh. Not so much. I just don't know if I think it suits my shop. Do you? Do you think I'd be better off with a cleaner, lighter, more minimalist banner? Something more reflective of the style of my pieces? I feel like my banner seems a little rustic or kitschy or something and my shop itself really isn't...

Any advice would be very much appreciated ♥.

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Actually, it's really cute!! You did a great job!

As for the discrepancy between becoming a seller and actual shop opening date, I wouldn't worry about it. I hardly notice it and I'm sure most people do, too.
I like the banner! Maybe you could make the birds all the same color to give it a cleaner look?
I like it a lot....I just don't think it evokes the "mood" of your shop. Does that make sense?
I like it! Its clean and simple and does the job wonderfully. 10/10 from me anyway.
It's catchy but a lot of people will ask what does it represent?
I like it! Totally cute! :)
The banner is adorable and shows the general "style" of your shop. If you'd like a cleaner look, try a lighter gray in the background. The birds would pop more against a much lighter gray as well.
Where can I buy the letters hung on the cloths line? Your banner is cute but your jewelry I would have to say is not if the cutsy variety. The antler pic you use for your avitar I think would be a better place to start for inspiration. Your product is awesome and you salesstats back that up. Great store but I think the banner does not capture the essence of what you are trying to project.

Having said that Im no expert but some say I do have the eye for such things. At leasr thats what Mom told me. lol. Just saying it as I see it.
I think it's super cute! But, then I do love cute!

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