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two stores works for me - do you have more than two ??

OK, so I thought I needed to separate my prints, fine. I opened a second shop.

Then I thought I should separate my lollipop tree paintings because they weren't being seen among the bigger, more pricey paintings. But I found this didn't work for me.

Why? well, the link to it isn't that obvious, and it means more renews, roping together my promotion paths to work together, and people get confused. Not to mention I had THREE sign ins and passwords to remember.

So now I'm back to two shops. one for originals, and one for prints.

I think that works well. My originals shop is pretty cluttered, but I can always deactivate some if I need to, right ?

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The first thing that comes to mind here is that you have up to 10 categories in your shop. The shop on this account only has 5 of those categories used. If you're going to use the other 5 for more paintings, then that's good.

Otherwise, you could split the paintings and the prints in one shop by using the categories.
Nope! i only have one. I love your work, by the way!
We have 4 Etsy shops plus our own.Right now we are focusing on 2 of our Etsy shops plus our site. We have 2 supply shops, this shop and vintage-there is just no way they can all be together not only because they are so different but because of the amount....this store has over 500 items and our vintage store has over 1400 items. I wish we could have more than 10 categories!
I have 3.

This one, my regular vintage (anyoldtime) and my vintage artwork (vintageartshow).

My reasoning for splitting my vintage is that I intend...or intended ... to list a lot of bookplates and other prints but have gotten sidetracked in art, have been selling my art well (elsewhere, mostly) and am swinging in that direction, which is my first love.

So not sure if I will combine the two vintage in the future or what.

Oh my goodness, you lot are way too clever for me! I can barely handle one shop! Good luck with it all!
Sorry guys, I had a doctor appointment. Had to have a cataract removed yesterday, and today was the follow up.

I think y'all are right, as if items are drastically different, they need to have their own home, but in my case, I think just separating the prints is good enough.

I do want to have another shop with a neater image, but I guess I'm not ready for it yet.

These days it gets tricky too, as most buyers don't even bother to look at anything past the first few items. They decide in 1 second if they want to see more or not. When I REALLY feel a lot of my stuff is being overlooked to a large extent, I guess I'll have no choice but to separate by styles just to get a leg up and some eyes in.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:53am Jun 12, 2012 EDT
Only one shop for me thus far! I have a few ideas for more products that I really want to make that don't fit at all with my current shop, so I'm considering opening a second shop sometime down the road. Not for a while though, I still need to get my feet under me with this first shop!
I've been thinking to open a second store- I sell original art and vintage finds in one shop. Had multiple categories and made the move to cut back to just four to simplify.

Everytime I'm about to make the move someone buys original art and vintage stuff- and I wonder if the variety of things might be a plus and bring in buyers who might not ordinarily have bought a painting when they had been searching for chippy-paint rails? I employ much of what I sell in my art.

You all are so great for sharing btw- I've been on Etsy a year in July- so many amazing people abounding.

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