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Is Etsy now sending out emails

asking our customers if their packages have arrived yet?

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Hi all,

We are testing delivery confirmation emails as a part of the Shipping Improvements Prototype: www.etsy.com/teams/10727/shipping-improvements

Your buyer could only receive a delivery confirmation email if you're participating in the Shipping Improvements Prototype and providing estimated delivery dates for your items.

Here's how it currently works:

Once a week, we check to see if you have recent purchases that are past their estimated delivery date and do not have a tracking number (sellers can add a tracking number when they send a shipping notification). If you have recent purchases that meet these criteria, we send one email to confirm whether you received each of the orders. Buyers will receive at most one email per week, and buyers will never be asked to confirm delivery of a specific order more than once. If the seller adds a tracking number when they send a shipping notification, the buyer will not receive a delivery confirmation email.


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If so I would really like to know how it affects me as a seller.

Also, if I got one I would be wary that it was spam since I've never heard of Etsy doing this before. Please let us know.
I'd like to know - is this only for Direct Checkout or for everyone?
I haven't received anything from a customer inquiring about that type of email. Nor have I heard anything about it in general.

Did one of your customers ask you about it?
Well we can't discuss transactions, Terre, so I am just asking the question ...
I have not heard of this.
I buy on Etsy, and I've never received one.
Whoa. I hope Etsy isn't sending emails out to customers asking that. That's so obtrusive. Please Etsy don't do stuff like that. It's a real turn off to buyers.
I have been buying quite a lot in the last weeks and never received an e-mail from Etsy asking me this.
If they do, I would not like it and tell them so. Etsy should stay out of the relationship between seller and buyer, I consider that private.
I bought quite a few things in May. I haven't received any emails from Etsy about my purchases.

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