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Father's Day?

I've been using Father's Day in my titles & tags, but I barely see Father's Day in my shop stats as how people are finding me.

How are you guys faring with Father's Day as a tag?

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I've tagged loads of my items with farthers day and its only brought me 2 views! However i've sold nearly 10 things which people have bo.ught as fathers day gifts
As a massive amount of different things COULD be father's day gifts, it would never occur to me to use that term when seaching.
Maybe try using Dad, men, father as tags so that if people search for "gift for men" or something like that then it will flag up?
We don't exchange gifts for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc. so I would never look for items with those tags.

If I AM looking for a gift though, I wouldn't be searching a holiday specific gift...I would be searching for either men's, women's, children's, etc. so I don't find holiday tags effective unless you want to be included in holiday treasuries.
i sold Father's Day cards with the words Father's Day in both the titles and tags and had lots of views and some nice sales with Father's Day in the search...I also used the words in a few of my titles of paintings I thought would appeal to men. I would say I got several dozen views a day...mostly on the cards...
Mary, when did you get those views? Are the numbers still high or has it tapered off a bit? I'm curious because I recently made & listed Father's Day gift tags and am getting very few views. Did you use tags like 'dad', 'man', & 'men' as well? Thanks
I think if you use men or dad you will have a better chance, when i used fathers day my view were low as well. GOod luck to ALL.

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