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Trying Out the Search Ads.

Well, I've decided to fork over $5 for a little extra advertising here on Etsy via the Search Ads. I've heard mixed results that they work and sometimes it's just a big ole' waste of money.
But it's worth a shot.

Anyone use Search Ads on a weekly basis, continuously?

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I was using them weekly but I've just decided to give them up... out of a 1000 impressions I was maybe getting 5 views, and I've never had any sales from them. I'd rather spend the money renewing --- at least that .20 cents seems to bring in a couple views every time!
Harriet from RainbowBrilliance

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12:04 pm Jun 12, 2012 EDT
Why are you trying the ads? Use the money to list and renew and you will get much better views.
I started the ads on sunday and had a sale yesterday,monday..Ready for another...So far so good..Mine was $7 for a week not $5....
I tried mine for a day and seemed to get more favourites and sales before the search ads. As soon as I stopped them I got more favorites lmao I don't get it but whatever definitely done with those
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:54 pm Jun 12, 2012 EDT
I just started trying last night with $7. So far, nothing impressive from them!
Hmmmm, I'll try them out for a day or two. Otherwise, if nothing is happening I may just take them down and save the money.
I used them when they first came out with a big 0 in results. I cancelled them after about 3 weeks. I recently (last week) reinvested in some ads (about 5$) and I got some views and 1 sale. So I figured that I would try them also this week, just to see if it was luck.
I've tried them out a few times, but never got anything that great out of them. Out of about 1,000 impressions I got 7 views, no hearts and no sales. It seems you have to be very specific and picky about which keywords you use, and just hope that whoever sees it is in the buying mood right then and there. At least, that's what I've heard from sellers who HAVE had success with them.
I've looked very seriously at the keywords that are available for search ads, and have decided that most are too generic to be of any real use to me.

I'm not going to pay for 'colour' words, or anything generic when good SEO can get me more views and sales.

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