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Credit Card processing for your own Online store/website

Which Credit card processing service are you using for your own online store or website?

Paypal lets a buyer use credit card without creating a paypal account only a few times. Google checkout also requires a buyer to have an account.

Do any of you have merchant accounts for Credit card processing sites? is it worth it?


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In other sites I have had I always use PayPal.
I use Square, which doubles as an in person credit card processing vehicle as well as online for me (for my handmade shop, not this consulting biz). You can manually type in credit card info so I made a custom order form on my official website so people can pay directly with a credit card. But I also have my Etsy shop implanted on my main website so PayPal still plays a factor. Give people as many options as you can.
I use paypal but, I have heard of sellers using Propay - www.propay.com/
Thanks! so I will start with Paypal.

I am reading up on Propay.

Nonstarving : I was thinking of the Square option, but then I didn't want people's credit card information stored anywhere on my server or emails. I thought it would be safer to directly send the CCard info to a processor. Your approach seems to be ok and similar to what many sellers do in craftshows.
I hear your concerns about security, but you can take measures to protect data for the most part. I actually used ProPay for a long time before switching to Square. It's pretty similar to Square so I'm not sure it will be any more secure. I personally didn't like ProPay because there's a yearly fee and they take a higher %. But you definitely should use PayPal as a start.
Am working on my website's cart right now, actually it's ready to go live but I need more stuff to fill it =) Am using Propay since I already have it in my Artfire shop. It's only $40 for the whole year while other processors are at least $20 month.There are not so many carts that support Porpay though.

I considered using an offline method to run CC on my website, but I just don't see how it's worth it. With having propay automatically process my orders, I don't have to deal with compliance or having to enter it. My cart doesn't store anyone's cc info so if it was ever hacked, none of that would be there. If a website got hacked that any cc info on it there would be quite a lot of liability there because it's ILLEGAL. And website hacking is a pretty big business these days.

I am using PayPal's merchant credit card processing. I have the Square, but use it only for craft fairs.
I am in the process of upgrading my website with a secure shopping cart - will be using bluepay. I was offering both paypal and google checkout - and way too many customers were confused by this, and just wanted a way to enter their credit card info on my store and not be sent to another vendor/page to make payment.

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:45am Jun 13, 2012 EDT
I've used Stripe.com and Authorize.net and been happy with each.

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