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About Page Depresses Me

After Reading the e-mail today in the Etsy blog in regards to the about page, I became depressed. Why? Because those photos featured are...i'm going to say that hated word: AWESOME!

I have checked out page after page of stunning about pages. I could NEVER compete with that. Thus, i will not have one. I think people can tell that my products are handmade. I do not have lovely clusters of stuff together. I move too much to even unpack my supplies out of their tubs, boxes, etc.

I would love some suggestions: also, taking pics of my process...IDK. I have no one to do that but me. My family moved to another state, and i used to get them to help me take pics.

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Inactive Etsy Member 11:28 pm Jun 12, 2012 EDT

I am pasting my about page in. I am in the same boat, I am the only that can take pictures of my stuff. I don't have a picture of me working, but I showed my work space, some of my stuff, and some of my the inspiration around me. I hope this helps...also there was no way I could throw all my supplies out either!
Its depressing so many are doing the same thing and showing there work space or process. I haven't been inspired by any of the ones I've seen. I'm honestly tired of looking at peoples blurry photos of their make shift studios.

How about a 5 page story book of your dolls. Maybe some catalog pics.

Oh wait heres a nice one.
I just found out about the new 'about' page yesterday since I have been away from Etsy for a while, but I am kind of excited about it thus far...
@Sarah, lol! I know! My grandmother have supplied my career for over 10 years...and I have about that much stuff. I have more sewing supplies than anything else. I am not a normal chick. They pride themselves on their shoe, clothing, and makeup collection.
I finished mine but it still needs some work. I think its a kewl addition!
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:38 pm Jun 12, 2012 EDT
I think people should be taking the same quality pictures of their workspace and process as they do their shop items. The about page is selling your SHOP as a WHOLE- why would you settle for less than you expect from your items?

But pictures of the workspace/process are nice to have.
I have been spending more time at my computer since the about pages were made available. I just love reading them! Don't worry about what other sellers are putting in their about pages. Stick to your style and what you feel best portrays who you are.
Timothy...that page is beautiful! I do see a lot of lovely About pages! We're all just starting out with our pages and I think it will take time to get the right photos:)

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