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What does your family do for your business?

The best part about family is that they are free testers of your products. :D

I've just completed a new product that I just tested on myself with good results. But now, I need to ship it to my family for a multitude of testers to see how it works out.

This is but one of the ways my family helps me with my business.

That, and they officially use my soap to wash with. :D

What does your family do for your business?

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I can test my items pretty well by myself but I do let my friends be the testers sometimes. My family helps by staying away from my resin while it cures. I'm not asking much but it is very important that they don't move or touch anything haha.
My Three daughters wear and talk about my jewelry and have even brought in business :) Of course, they keep what they wear... My husband is a big help. He takes items to the P.O. when I can't and is my partner at an Arts Market we attend. He also is my biggest fan.
My husband is the most amazing moral support and has invested quite a bit of cash to get me off the ground. I AM STILL WAITING FOR THAT!
I swear, my mom buys more from me than nearly any other individual customer (although I have some loyalists that come REALLY close!). She buys all her stuff from me, and does a good chunk of her birthday & Christmas shopping with me as well.

She also got her boss to carry our product line in their store front (they are a doctor's office that has a huge dispensary for various supplementary products), and it's doing phenomenally well in there.

My younger brother has his own business as well. Almost entirely wholesale, so he's given me invaluable advice over the years with doing wholesale properly.

My youngest brother does all of his website work, and he's helped us with various things with our website and SEO help.

My dad is my inspiration. He's a musician. Growing up he was almost never home (spent 80-100 hours a week working . taught at the university, played with the symphony orchestra, and did a ton of freelance gigs as well). But he was always home for dinner with the family, and showed me that it is more important to do something you love than to be rich doing something you hate. The lessons I learned from him gave me the courage to be my own boss and do something I love. And I'm richer for that.

Beyond that, my entire family supports me and my husband in what we do. All of them buy from us, and do what they can to support us.
Stay away while I felt :p and compliment my work :D
They keep wanting to eat and be clothed and wanting a roof over their heads! I don't know what it is, they seem to want to eat several times per day too!

Seriously, they are very supportive and full of creative ideas. I consider them an important part of my business.
My parents give me moral support, and tell their friends about my business (though usually not much luck there with sales lol).
My husband does all the cleaning in our home, inside and out. Does all the laundry (our hamper is never full), changes bed sheets, makes bed, takes out the trash, runs dog, yard work, everything but cooking which frees me up to work as long as I want!
WOW cant top that! Great advise from Dad.

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