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Would You Rather Be Circled Or Admired?

Not as a token pat on the back to make you feel good (and not that I don't love admirers!), but as a way to introduce more people to your shop and be seen.

For example, let's say you were hypothetically talking to someone who would either circle your shop or admire it, and you could choose which. Which one would it be?

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:58pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT
Hmm.. Admired but I like both. Both options flatter me. Little butterfly kisses all over my body kind of thing. like. OH YAY! hehe
It just doesn't matter to me either way
depends on the person.


are the admiring me to become more "popular" with their ingenius and new found "likings?"

or are they just ...faving things cause they like them

the point being is, I don't care.

fav me, don't fav me.

I can't keep track and don't care.
Favorites, likes, followers I have enough of these types of things already!

I don't care what they are called, as long as eyes are in my shop and that some of these things eventually lead to sales!
Hmm, okay, I wasn't thinking nefarious motives or anything. Just someone who liked your shop and might someday become a buyer.

I guess my point was, if they admired your shop, do you think more of their friends would see your shop to also become potential buyers than if they circled it, all things being equal?
If we're talking about my shop being seen, then I'd think faves are better. Circles just introduce others to OTHER shops/items I like, not to my shop. Faves, however, mean somebody has noticed MY shop and (for whatever reason) decide to "bookmark" it by favoriting it.

But really, I enjoy either. People are welcome to fave or circle me, as they wish. :)
People who circle you only see your favorites, not your items. So I'd rather be admired/hearted.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:04pm Jun 13, 2012 EDT
I like both :)

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