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So when I open B&M shop, I want a dog to protect me/staff. Ideas?

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awwwwwwwwwwwww, bless you my sweet, I can handle only one rescue dog at a time now too old to keep up with more then that
*25* rescued furred ones? wowie. bless your kind heart :)
I hit pound tomorrow to look for what is there and will fit criteria....
And a nice crate for your dog.

We have a poodle and love her. She's the sweetest.

If you don't mind a big dog, consider a Mastiff. They're huge and protective and will sit on an intruder so they can't move.
Ok I may be weird, and the dog would need training obviously, but what about an English Sheepdog?

The do not look frightening, but their size makes them intimidating. Plus as I understand, they are super smart.

I guess I see them as an intellectual looking guard dog.
I just looked, and the closest I could find to you, (through rescue groups) is at the beach in Wilmington.

But if you are looking, the Old English Sheepdog Rescue has a male puppy there.
good luck with your new friend and protector....

I have a fabulous corgi right now and all I can say is, he'd just lick everyone and try to herd them around the store so probably not your best choice. smart and cute, though ;-)
Great Dane. Friendly, gentle but commands a healthy respect from others. Trust me, no one will mess with you. On the other hand, people are fascinated with their size and will flock to your business just to see him. Huge attention magnet.

Just a tip...fawns, mantles, and blues are the calmest. Black GD and blue merles are hyper.

Some of the larger pure breeds like Great Danes and Mastiffs only live about 8 years and can have lots of health problems. Not to mention having to find a local reputable breeder, and paying the price. I would suggest a pound puppy. For instance, there are a whole lot of lab/pit bull and shepherd mixes out there who are loyal, smart, and protective. Or I see you're in NC, you could look into a Carolina Dog (very smart, loyal, and protective). Do a little research on 1) picking a dog/puppy and 2) training before you get your dog. Personally, I'd start with "Cesar's Way" by Cesar Milan (great book), and look for a good local obedience class that the owner and dog take together (make sure it's reputable... there are a lot of "experts" teaching classes nowadays who don't know jack and are only in it to make a buck. Everyone's an expert, an artist, a chef, or a blogger nowadays it seems!). A little research will go a long way. Good luck!

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