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Etsy vs Craft Fairs

Etsy or Craft Fairs- which do you personally find to be more successful for your shop?

Also, which do you enjoy doing more over the other?


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For me, craft fairs have been alot more successful for me. I haven't even made my first sale on etsy yet.

I enjoy craft fairs more, only because I get to interact with the customer face to face. =)
It depends on so much. Some craft fairs are a total bust, others are great. It's a ton of work, but I like to do them occasionally.
Selling on Etsy is nicer for me, but craft fairs are a necessary thing during the slow season (to keep our bills paid!) here on Etsy.
Overall? Craft Fairs. People want to touch and smell my soaps and they do and then they buy.
It's way easier to sell in person!
Much easier to sell jewelry in person. I had a great show over the weekend and did big numbers compared to Etsy!
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:20 am Jun 14, 2012 EDT
Craft Fairs

I stopped craft fairs about 3 months after starting to sell online. I think about doing boat shows...I was making more on my pc while I was at shows than the shows themselves generated, so I stopped commuting.
I agree with mostly everyone! I think craft fairs are overall a lot more successful for our shop as well.
I'm an exception to the rule I actually find online sales to be better for me than craft fairs and such.
I much prefer online sales. Two reasons: one is I don't lose productivity days by being at a show and the other is for the cost of a "good" show I can pay for 100's of etsy listings.

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