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Know any photo editor that removes objects from photos?

I am looking for a photo editor that allows me to remove an object from a photo. I have a basic editor that won't remove objects. Any recommendation on a reliable and free editor that would do this task? Thanks so much!

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Photoshop Elements 10.0 will. Sorry it's not free though
well technically they all do, you just have to do some work by erasing things.
I use www.irfanview.com/, free download. Not sure if it will do what you want, but it is FREE. :-)
Gee, that would come in handy for a lot of photos. I have this unwanted object in many photos. I like to refer to that object as my "ex."

Sorry. Couldn't resist.
You can do anything in Photoshop.
Be careful of free software & programs, you often get what you pay for.

I hear Gimp is rather good in the free department, but I don't use it. Ripping a picture can be complicated, that is, removing something from it. In concept it sounds easy, but once you get in there, you'll find there is a bit more to it.

I cut people & objects out of pix all of the time. In fact, I just shoot the scene I want, knowing I'm going to remove what I don't want from it. Of course, I've been doing it for some time.

You may want to look at older versions of software, to get a great price, instead of free. There are many that will give on older version of their software away, so check into that too. They are the actual copies, just a version or two older than the current one. This way you may want to buy the most current version.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:56 am Jun 14, 2012 EDT
Yes, it's called Tesla and it's free. It also has a Photoshop extension, of the cs6 type : )
If its just an item in the background you can use fotofuze.com. Hilights what you want to see and it turns everything else white.

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