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Did anyone else agonize over their about page?

Agonize is a strong word- maybe obsess? Lose sleep over it? Well I am sad to say but I did. For some strange reason- I acted like it was going to be carved in stone, a one-time shot, never to be edited again. When I first heard about it, I was excited to make my own but then immediately panicked when I thought about photographing my work space. It's an embarrassing disaster that was once my beautiful dining room. And a photograph of me! I needed a haircut and still need to drop 10 pounds. I thought about what I would say about myself, wouldn't say about myself, would anyone really care? Should I include what I do full time, would people be turned off? Uggghhh. So I finally sat down and laid it out. Maybe people will connect to me, and get my quirky sense of humor, maybe some won't. Will it make them shop from me as opposed to someone who doesn't have an about page? I doubt it. It's a tool to help buyers see us as real people.

So if you are like me and completely paranoid about what to write- go with your gut. Go with what feels most natural to say, act as if someone was giving your bio prior to an award. Nothing too personal but enough so people can see that there is a real human being behind all these listing. I keep reminding myself that I can always edit it later!

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Just have fun with it and act natural. Pretend like it's a new friend you are explaining your shop to. It's no big deal.
I like the "new friend" idea!
Nope... just did it as an intro to my shop. Simple and easy. :)

You are losing sleep over nothing. Just have fun with it. Nothing more.
nope. my only issue was a minor bug which seemed to have wiped everything out when I hit save but after getting help in the bugs section, i was told to refresh and it was all there. I saved my write up to a word doc to be safe because I couldn't remember what I wrote, even a minute later. So this way if something does happen, I have a backup of it.
I did that as well- saved it to word for tweaking
Well, actually i haven't done mine yet. Just wondering...do you think customers will really read it?
I think your about page is lovely and your pics are beautiful. Very nice job, Tami.
I love reading everyone's story about how they started creating.
All the best to you!
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:05pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT
In answer to the OP's question...yes.

I wish the whole thing would go away. It's a good idea in theory, but it seems to require skills beyond a lot of us to make it look good. If we don't fill it out, we look bad. If we do a half-baked job, we also look bad.

Ehhhh, I just can't get mine the way I want it and I changed it several times. I'm going to keep at it until I'm completely happy with it. I still have it published, tho.

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