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What makes you NOT buy?

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As far as refunds go, I can understand people not offering them. I don't, for the most part. I'm willing to refund if it's my mistake (like I list something as a 6-12 months size and it's actually a newborn size), or I list a blanket made out of the wrong material or something that is an error not attributed to the customer.

But I don't think it's too much to ask for a person to read the description before purchasing it to make sure it fits their needs. I don't think it's too much to ask a person to convo with any questions they have (if for some reason they haven't been answered in the listing description or shop policies) before buying, either. I always say I am gladly willing to take any questions a person might have - and I always get back to a person as quickly as possible, either same day or next day. Or if I am on vacation I have this stated so a person knows beforehand it may take longer.

I'm will gladly take custom requests for items too, if an item I have listed isn't exactly what a customer is looking for or they are looking to design something more to their liking. I also say that I care about my customers and if they are unhappy for any reason to contact me so we can work a reasonable solution out. I will hear out a person's reasoning.

That being said, I don't see why it's a problem for me to not offer refunds for the most part. I don't mean to be aggressive or seem rude or anything but I don't think buyer's remorse should be my responsibility. If you are a customer - it's your job to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. I try to be descriptive, I answer questions, I take requests for different sizes and colors, I am responsible for my own listing/description errors if there are any. But if you buy a red sweater and get it and then decide you really should have bought a yellow one instead, why is that my problem? Do I seem unreasonable?
Perhaps this is trivial, but if the listing description has misspelled words, bad grammar, run-on sentences, missing information, etc., I'll just keep moving. (I do not apply this prejudice to non-U.S./British sellers, obviously!). If you can't take the time to proofread your own work or have someone "more better" at spelling & grammar check it for you, I really question the quality of your work. Do you forget to finish parts of it? Is it as shoddy as your copy? There are lots of wonderful things to buy out there - that's my sticking point.
1. Items from sellers who don't respond to convos. I tend to convo if I want more info - for example I would have convoed if I wanted to see more pictures of the item.

2. I hate to sound like a cheapskate, but the UK charges not just a high tax on items costing more than £15 coming from outside the EU, they also charge an expensive customs handling fee, so I tend to go by cheaper purchases unless the seller is within the EU.

3. If a seller has / has given multiple negative feedbacks, I do go through them and have a read. If they sound unreasonable, I'd avoid buying from that person.

4. High shipping costs. Sorry.

5. Bad behaviour/being rude.

6. No return policy.

-Unreasonable high shipping
-Blurry/very bad quality pictures, or just one picture
-Lack of measurement
-Lack of info, brief descriptions, too plain shop. I mean, I don't want to know what color is your bra, but I like to feel some passion for what you do. Over tagging is annoying, too.

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