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All category formats now changed

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mine are still the old format.
thankfully mine are still in the old format.

not exactly looking forward to the change
Haven't looked at the Category listings in a long time. I saw 1 item in the first row that is violates the TOUs & three identical (not supply or vintage) items from three different sellers. Is that how the category page is supposed to look?
Weddings was changed first and some people still only see that category in the new format. It's very Pinterest looking and jumbled and leaves out a lot of sellers.
I really dislike the new look. It's slower and while the larger photos are nice, I'm not a fan of the jumbled messy look of it. I don't think a lot of people are going to have the patience to keep scrolling and clicking on "Show More". The staggered photos are not easy on the eyes. If someone is going to do a lot of searching or buying such as looking for supplies it will be a nightmare to find what you want. Large pretty pictures are great but this isn't Pinterest. If all categories stay this way, I really think sales will go way down.
Yes, bstudio; I noticed mine have changed again again, also (they were flip flopping).

Here is what I posted a short while ago re: this, in a similar Thread.

I see mine has once again changed back to the "pinterest style pics", when choosing Categories. It appeared like that a while ago; then changed back to the "normal" format (with the page numbers & picture display as we would normally see them).

I've voiced my honest opinion about this before. I use Categories mostly to Search (sometimes, I'll use the Search Bar). But I want a fast Search. As a Shopper, with all due respect; the new format is extremely slow and frustrating (pics are slow loading; when I'm scrolling downward, the scroll bar wants to continue upwards, as pics are trying to load. I wish to move along quickly, and I believe most people wish to do the same.

Also, I noticed in Categories; my particular Sub/Sub Categories no longer exist:
Holidays...Halloween...Decorations (it stops here).
There used to be Sub Categories for Ghost, Bat, Vampire, Pumpkin, etc. (which I've always used). Now it is all jumbled together. I've never seen where those Sub Cateogories did not exist, on a site. Halloween is a vast Category as it is.

So I completely agree. As a Shopper, I wish for ease in Category Browsing. I just can't understand how this will be beneficial to Shoppers.
It's a bad thing. They're testing it, and different people see it at different times.

I did a little and it was horrible. slow loading, messy. Not shopper friendly. If I were a shopper I'd run away fast. And since it's more likely for people stumbling on the FP, first-time shoppers, it's a massive FAIL. They'll leave, screaming!

I don't know why they are still testing something that people mostly hate. I imagine that a upper admin keeps pushing it, i a rush to look like Pinterest. Might work for Pinterest, but on Etsy, it's a FAIL. (yes, I said that twice)
Its been in 'beta test' mode for a while now.

For some reason, the 'powers that be' at Etsy seem to think that this is the way shoppers want to shop.

I for one have stopped using the categories completely as they were just getting too hard to use.

I'm finding that most of my buyers are just doing a search for what they are looking for as well.

The categories are becoming 'white elephants' IMO.
I have to agree completely with junkgarden and crochetgal on this one. Not only is the new format just too straining on the eyes and jumbled (I had the Pinterest thought too, but wasn't sure if I should mention that), but I don't think buyers are really using the categories. My views come from etsy searches, etsy teams, Facebook, other online searches, and the few websites I've been featured on. I think buyers are now looking for specific things when they come on etsy, instead of doing a general look around. I know I search for things on here instead of trying to navigate through the categories.
I get good views from some categories. It really depends on what the item is.

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