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Do US residents have a problem with buying from international stores?

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Inactive Etsy Member 12:19pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT edited
the same applies with if I need something within 4-5 days, i wouldnt rely on a US seller and USPS to get it here in time, i would go out locally and buy it first. and i would even pay more if i had to.

and thats even with the fact of rarely having delayed domestic packages too. it doesnt matter to me that 99% of the time USPS gets things here within their timeframe or not

anything that I need in a certain time period, i am going to make sure i have the greatest buffer possible, and i am not going to cut it close and rely on mail delivery times for it, unless i have no other choice
Thank you all for your opinions! I have destilled them and sort of tried to capture the common denominator in my newest blog: smplianwi.blogspot.nl/

I would by from a store outside the US for sure, but sometimes the shipping cost stops me. International shipping rates are so expensive that I find myself buying more from US stores because of it.
artisanwoodcrafting from artisanwoodcrafting says Edited on Jun 16, 2012

Huiyi Tan from huiyitan says

It only takes 5-10 working days to send packages to US, it think that's quite fast :)

really? i have one canadian supplier, and have never received my orders in less than 4 weeks, and many times 6-8weeks is the norm


I always get stuff quicker from overseas then I do from the states (or even from another province).
Hello Jello Salad, good to hear so! Where are you based yourself?
I've bought from international shops. I do agree with what was said before though. If I had a deadline and needed something quickly, I would just buy what I needed locally.
I order supplies from international sellers all the time. It actually suprises me how fast packages get to me, especially when they beat shippments coming from the U.S.
i would. it's possible i do, as i buy clipart and don't even look to see where the seller is from.
if i weren't too, it would be because i didn't want to pay higher shipping, or didn't want to wait, or if they had in policies not responsible for lost mail (but that goes for usa sellers too)

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