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"Oh, she just sells CRAFTS..."

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I have a problem with the term craft. It is almost like a put down. I agree, when people use that word you are not often taken seriously, like it is just a hobby for you. You should say something like "Yeah, I am a $50,000 a year crafter!" Ok, I wish I made $50,000 a year from my craft, but you know what I mean.
elsy1477 from elsy1477 says

I have a problem with the term craft. It is almost like a put down.
it's all perception - I identify myself as an American Craftswoman.
I call myself "a leatherworker" when people ask, I say I "have my own business". My family and close friends are very supportive, but I've had aquaintances say some things that really stung. I've heard "you need to grow up" and "do you actually make any money doing that?" I try to ignore comments like that but it's hard and it usually eats away at me for awhile. It would be really great if we got more respect for being artists but the reality is that no one really knows how much work goes into selling your own stuff. Weather you do it online or do shows there is a tremendous amount of preparation and time and money invested. People that haven't done it just don't know.
i dont' think you can really change how people perceive this type of business. Honestly, who cares what they think? I feel sorry for the people who haven't found anything they love doing and who can make money doing it. As long as you are happy that is all that matters.
With time I learned not to care what they call me, creativity, art, craft or whatever is a blessing and I take it seriously and enjoy it, that's all that matters.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:21pm Jun 18, 2012 EDT

I went to a gallery on the island. I said, " I am an artist...

and the owner said.." Oh Aren't We All ( really Rude)

I said , " Well, I just moved from Michigan and..

She said again really, really rude..

" Oh I don't take Michigan Art..( ???????) and just brushed me away..."

I laughed all the way to the car with pieces she didn't even look at..

I though to myself WTH ( or I"m sure stronger..)

Does she think I draw the Great Lakes, or nothing but Pine trees, or snow..??

In the end really who gives a sh*t what others think...
people who judge things without understanding them just irritate me to no end. They can go on being judgementlal for all I care. I am too busy enjoying myself and my newfound business to spend time worrying about their opinions.
Yeah, I've gotten a lot of "Well, good luck with that" and "Haha well you know that you're not going to make any money". Which, yeah, I work full time in the summer and the rest of the year I'm a full time student. I am fully aware that I cannot put the time into this to make loads of money, my goal is just to make a bit of extra money here and there, anything would help. What makes it worse though is that I'm not known for my creativity (I'm an engineer) so people just don't take my stuff seriously at all. It's not artistic or unique because engineers are not artistic or unique people apparently. I don't think I'm too terribly creative but I can make this jewelry because it takes a bit of engineering, I've got to make it so that the rocks and stuff I use don't fall out (I don't use any glue in most of it). So there, that's what I tell people. That, and that I WILL make this work. I just have to be patient :)

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