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Anyone using Etsy Theme Shop?

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man so meny mixed reviews! I dont know what to think. I wish etsy would show us the apps they like and recommend.
@Samantha, they do! :) Here it is, under Community: www.etsy.com/apps?ref=com_apps

It does look like Etsy Theme Shop is on there.
crochetgalfromcrochetgal says

One thing to remember with Etsy Theme Shop application is that it automatically creates a 'coupon code' for your buyers who come to your shop from the app.

So if you don't want to offer the discount, please remember to disable it.


It gives you an option while you are installing to skip making the coupon, that's what I did :)

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Inactive Etsy Member 7:13pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT
I installed it. I see that you can offer referral coupons to
I am Using Etsy Theme Shop and i LOVE it. I needed help and the walked me step by step on how to set up and how to use their app.I already increased my visibility.

Not to mention all of the promotional tools that they have That are totally inclusive(Like Bomb, Give a Gift Get a Gift, The awesome Themes That they have as opposed to other apps that are so Bland.
Anyone know how to disable the coupon once you have it enabled?
you do not have to click the 3 pages, unless you want to enter in that contest - the bomb. i installed it 2 mos ago, i do see some clicks, but i dont think any have translated into sales, so ill give it a couple of months, then delete it, but it is nice to have the big button to connect to your etsy shop vs the url being buried in the about info
The coupon is news to me...think I'll get rid of this one. I tried one of the others and it would never install on my business FB page. I just wish I could find a decent one that was not annoying.
I just installed it today and so far I like it, looks good and offers me promtion help if I want it.

No way would I call the 4 required Likes "clickjacking", here is why: 1) one site is the app deveoper, the other 3 are *randomly chosen Etsy shops from their network***. so I thought why not support my fellow Etsy members. AND it says up front that YOUR shop could show up there. 2) you can visit rhe pages before you decide to like them.

Also the requested connections to your Etsy account sound routine to me but if you have concerns why not contact the dev and ask why they need it or what they do with it, before dumping the app.
I have just added it to my facebook page pretty easily, it did make me 'like' four random pages to be able to activate my shop, at this point I wondered if it would keep doing this and not actually let me activate it, but after I liked the four pages I got my one activated. I instantly went into my 'likes' and 'unliked' the four random pages.

Mine is here if you want to see: www.facebook.com/gorjessjewellery
I'm assuming any sales you get through it are really sales through etsy so I guess you wouldn't know if someone ordered from your facebook page, but I guess the views would count as facebook views but as these are usually untraceable in google Analytics you probably will never know for sure whether it is a view you have achieved from YOUR page or from someone posting an item of yours to their page.

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