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How many sales do you have a day?

I know there are many shops who make sales daily, (congrats!!) and if you're one of then...well, let it be known! If you're like me and make them every 2 or 3 weeks (with dry spells in between), I'd still love to hear how often you make one :)

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I seem to get a sale about once a week of one thing or another, there doesn't seem to be a constant stream yet but I feel like I'm getting there! I've already had almost as many sales so far this year then I got in all of 2011 ^_^
That's awesome, Sabra! Keep at it! :D
How many I can accept depends on how many orders I have at a given time, it usually varies between 1 and 8.
I make about a sale a day this month. April and May were about 2 sales a day.

I go days without sales though and then get them in bunches, but hey, it works for me! :)
I've made 9 sales in 3 years :( However, I have turned a new leaf and am pouring my heart and soul into this now.
this month is averaging 9 per day
that's odd. as this month doesn't feel busy. but that's my highest so far (though my $ average is lower)
It varies each month, some days 1 some 6 and then days without any like right now. It takes time to build up your shop and sales so with averaging 20 sales a month right now I feel good about that. This month has been slower though but then June usually is.
I get between 1-5 orders a day, typically. Mostly because my demographic is very vocal and shares what they like with their friends/internet friends.

I'm still in awe that somehow I'm one of "those" sellers! I feel very blessed to be making so many sales, and can't figure out why me. :P
I get a sale about every two weeks or so. It depends on the week.

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