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Will you or have you for long term sellers

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:01 pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT
given stuff from your shops as christmas/holiday gifts. If so how does that effect your profits? I am just wondering b/c I think my sis in law would love some of my coasters that I am making (not listed yet).

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I do give gifts of jewelry to people who like my style of jewelry. I don't see it as a business choice or anything to do with business though and therefore wouldn't see it as tying into profits.

It's like going to get a gift, but instead, you make it.

I sew for my family and friends all the time.

It's a gift - has nothing to do with my business. They're lucky that I sew and I don't have to shop for them!
I give friends and family gifts all the time....
They love it
I pay my sisters soap for babysitting...it works for me because giving them something I made is cheaper than paying cash, and they like my stuff! No correlation with business, though. I would either be making them stuff or paying them anyway.
Sometimes for someone's birthday, I'll let them pick something out of my shop and give it to them for the occasion. That way I know they got something they liked! I only do this for people who like the items I make or vintage items, obviously.
yep my husband liked my peach afghan so much I pulled it and gave it to him.
LOL Brandi - I pay my sister soap and laundry soap for house cleaning. I'm not sure if it's cheaper than cash though, she gets soap all year long, but she's only available to help in the Summer :)
@Rhea, no I'm hardcore! I apply my RETAIL price to what I give them. See? Always thinking! ;) It's a good deal for me!
I use my skills to make gifts for family all the time. But I don't make them whats in my store. I like giving very unique gifts. Of course, I know my sister in laws hate handmade- so I don't even go there LOL.....I say the person will love it- do it, if you have doubts- don't waste your time :)

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