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Japan shipping question?

This is the first time I've en countered this, but the buyer's address is in Japanese characters. I assume that if I put "Japan" under the address, then that's all the Post Office needs, right? But what I'm wondering is, how do I fill out the customs form? Just copy it the best I can?

This gets filed under "things that make you go, D'oh!" b/c you never thought of them before.

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When I've encountered that, I've copied and pasted a label, wrote the customs label in English and took it to the post office.
Oh, wait a minute! I don't remember how I did the buyers info on the customs label. :)
try to Google translate it into English, but look up the info after to make sure it's correct. or contact them to make sure the English version is correct
I would convo the customer & explain your problem. Ask if he can translate for you.
if there isn't a lot of kanji I could translate it into "romanji" (english characters) for you
I just had this happen - had to ask here, also! I used google translate and then asked the customer in Japan if that was correct. She said yes, and that is the address I used on the customs form. I did copy and paste the Japanese wording into a Word doc, then printed it and cut it out. I taped it to the package beside the address in English. Figured I must have all bases covered this way!
Copy and Paste, That's what I always do, as long as it say JAPAN on the bottom it should get to where it's going. If your doing it by hand, perhaps copy and paste onto a label and stick it on the forms
I simply cut and paste the address when I make up the shipping label.

And for the customs form, you can use the USPS website to generate a customs form as well.

Simply cut and paste there and you won't have to write any of the Japanese Characters.
Just cut and past the address and write "Japan" next to the 日本. Maybe put the English version in parenthesis.

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