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Need Advice for Damaged Package and Lost Contents

This was over a month ago. I ordered supplies. Supplies were taking a while to arrive via USPS. Checked online and saw that my package was taking quite an odd route to finally arrive to me (Dallas > Atlanta > MEMPHIS > Atlanta > Athens). Package looked like it had been hit by a semi-truck transporting rhinos. 89% of my supplies were not in said package with holes in it.

I didn't have insurance on this, so the supplier only reported it to USPS.

My questions: Do I have enough evidence with the off course route and photos submitted to support it being USPS's fault entirely for a full refund? How have others gone about handling this process? Thank you.

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Sellers are apparently responsible for their items until it reaches your hand, so the seller would have to either refund you or replace your order.

Righttt? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
If you paid via Paypal or your credit card you need to file a claim with them - they will force the seller to refund your money.
Hi Jarred,
I haven't had this problem myself, but my sister ordered from a shop on etsy that I had recommended, and her order arrived completely empty.
She simply convoed the shop, took a picture of her packaging, and the shop promptly replaced her order.
I think you should have plenty of evidence to get your order refunded or replaced.

Good luck,

If you purchased via you only have a 45 day window from the date purchased to make a claim. You have ample evidence and the seller is the one who generally buys insurance because they're going to be out the money if something goes wrong.
yes, the seller needs to make sure it reaches you in one piece. that may mean better packaging or including insurance in price of shipping. because if you don't get what you ordered they need to refund or send another
USPS will not refund you if it wasn't insured. It's up to you if you want to hold the seller responsible. In this instance, I'd be hard pressed to ask the seller to take the loss. Yes, under PayPal rules, seller is responsible, but this clearly a post office mess. It's your decision but post office will not reimburse you. But this is just me. Maybe I'm too nice. Guess it depends on price.
Insurance is for the seller's benefit. If the item is lost, they get their money back so they don't take a loss in refunding or replacing the customer. You don't take a loss because they didn't pay for insurance. File a dispute in Paypal.
Ugh, what a mess. While I agree that the seller should refund you, it's so frustrating that USPS won't own up for mistakes like this and at least refund the shipping cost. It's kind of a scam.

(P.S. Jarred, the meme face flask you made for me a few weeks ago was a HUGE hit! The boyfriend loved it and showed it off to everyone. Thanks so much!!)
PayPal may side with seller in this case. When I sold an item on eBay it arrived at buyer's ome torn and empty. Buyer filed a claim with PayPal but PayPal didn't make me reimburse. They reimbursed buyer, I didn't. we had pics to show it was post office's fault. So you may still get your money from PayPal but seller may not have to fork over the money.

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