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Paypal address wrong and package already shipped.

A customer was in a hurry to receive some gift tags by this weekend, she paid for them last night and I shipped them out this AM. She contacted me a little while ago and told me she realized her paypal address was wrong. Is there anything I can do, or tell her to do so she might actually get her package by Saturday?

I believe she is in the same town just a different street address now.

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She night be able to phone her PO and ask them to "redirect" her package to the correct address.
Not from your end...
You could offer to overnight another set. It will cost her, but she will be assured to have them for the weekend. The post office will not change an address on a package while enroute. I've had that happen too. It will be returned to you. Tell her that when the other set comes back to you that you will refund her for the 1st set. It stinks, but it was really no fault of yours. If she really needs them, at least she'll have an option.
Ok super. I will advise her to do that. It has a tracking number so hopefully it wont be to hard for them to locate it.
Good to know.

I didn't even think of that! Man my brain is tired today.

egh, if she has a forward it should get forwarded. note should, not will.
the only other thing is mail intercept. but that costs.
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:20pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT
If her mail is still being forwarded the Post office MAY forward the package to her.

Otherwise its just a waiting game.
Also, possible she may be able to pick it up at the PO with ID if they will hold it for her there. You would need to contact them, this would be pretty much down to how the particular PO is run.
She said it's been 3 years since she lived there, so it's doubtful they will forward it.

All I have to say is I can't wait for my vacation this weekend.

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