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What's the next step?

Okay. So I've seriously done some shop changes over the past couple months. Taking new photos, editing tags and titles, I even changed my shop name. I always welcome shop critiques, but I'm ready to move to the next level. What comes next? I've got a pretty shop... now what? What do I do to attract buyers and sell some of these things I've made? How do I market this shop? I've got a facebook, twitter and I go to farmers markets, but I'm still not selling stuff on Etsy. I just want to outfit the world with original hand made tiny paintings!! Argh!

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I'm at basically the same stage you are. Today I started networking outside of Etsy with a FB page. I started liking pages -I'm a bead maker so I am trying to meet some jewelry makers- and I'm trying to promote my blog there as well. Not sure what to do next or how long it will take to see the benefit of what I've done so far.
start researching categories.... what sells most... what colors.... and adjust...
next step would be to list more, at least one full page, :)
I would still tweak some of the titles etc. The first three words should say exactly what you are selling so "painting" or "necklace" or whichever important word it is, should be in those three words.

Your jewelry is wonderful!

Network, blog, twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, pinterest, all those other sites where you can promote.

I know the next step for me is to take photos and upload new items.

But it's good to hear that you're doing a lot of work! :D
keep listing new items. The more the better. No magic # just keep at it.
You could raise your prices a bit also. Make sure you pay your self for all your work.
Thanks for all the great help! I'm slowly adding more inventory. and listing that inventory. I started tweeking some more titles too. Thanks Harper! Also you have fantastic beads rhonda.
I think you need to work on your tags. I looked at a listing and these are your tags: Jewelry, Pendant, Art, jewelry, pendant, art, painting, miniature, wearable art, hand painted, necklace, flower, unique, daffodil, white, resin

so you have jewelry and pendant and art all twice. you don't have to repeat your categories as tags. They are tags, so that's 3 wasted tags right off the bat. Also tags should be phrases, not mostly single word tags. White is not a useful tag here either. you need to think descriptive phrases. I'm not familiar with what you're selling so it's hard for me be come up with things, but flower necklace, floral necklace, daffodil pendant, miniature painting, art necklace, art jewelry, etc.
Thanks Eileen. You're a master at helping! I see you everywhere. It's wonderful. Thank you for contributing to the community here for newbs like me. :) About those tags: I think that is a bug because I swear I've deleted those tags a million times and they still come back. Look at it. It has more than 13 tags and some of those are repeats that it won't let me delete.

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