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I'm so frustrated & confused......UGHHHHHH

I have only 7 sales since 2009....
I get 2-10 views a DAY....
I have tried different titles...tags....
I've changed my banner X3
I've promoted my shop....
I started off with lower prices....I increased my prices like a month ago....
I just don't know....Are my prices to high????
I am beyond frustrated, all comments welcomed...

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Sounds just like my shop... I have changed a lot of things on mine also but I still get hardly any views each day and have had only one sale in over a month... maybe it's just the times... keep working it and sooner or later it has to break loose right??? By the way, I think your prices are just right...
Thanks, the prices are my serious anxiety factor....
learn about SEO. :) just having lots of tags wont do it. Also, add more to your descriptions! Size in inches or cm is nice. your pics are nice but could be brighter.
You need to read up about tagging and SEO.

You are in the most saturated and competitive niche in Etsy, so sadly it does mean you have to really be on your toes.


These are pretty, but I have seen many very similar earrings here. So to get your's to stand out you need to sell them a bit harder. The description is very short. Where were the pearls from? That could add a bit of character for example.

Tags are best as 2 or 3 word phrases, rather than single words.

So things like "pearl earrings" or "rice pearl earrings' would help more than 'chic'.

And in your title for this one there is no space on either side of the - so search engines will see it as one word "earringssterling" , if you look at the top of the page for your listing, the URL already has done this.

I hope that helps a little.
Hi Anne thanks for your comments
Try this etsy app. /www.etsy.com/apps/1259669497/etsy-shoptimizer-beta It will give you some major help on what you can do to get things rolling.

Nayda, I looked in your shop and the pictures look pretty good to me. You have some really beautiful stuff. So I suggest the SEO help in the link above. Good luck.

Something is going on with etsy making changes again....if you check the forums you will see there are many sellers going though the same thing...how to fix it...I don't have a clue.
My sales have been very strong until about a week ago...then my shop fell off the cliff.
I have been doing everything to promote..new listings..renewing and etc: so far very little is working.
I feel your frustration--I get about 20 views per day. I have not had a sale since December 30.
Where are you promoting? Have you tried advertising off etsy? What social media do you use?
Your photos are not bad. But I think they could be better!

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