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Averaging sales of 26 a month ..i haven't had a sale for 12 days?

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If we did a thread, posted it sensibly, then sent an email to Chad and a few select others, or tweeted, (never did understand that concept) perhaps we would be able to open a dialogue with them.

That's what we want. We would be giving them what the asked for facts and screen shots.

I just need to figure out if I can go back to January and how to do a screen shot on my new computer with IE9.
Wow, juvenile is right. The last I knew there is no rule about anyone posting their opinions in any thread as long as it's kept respectful and so far the only disrespectful posts I've seen are from the few who do not want certain people popping in the thread with advice. To that I'd say, get over it, it's an open forum where anyone is free to discuss in any thread.
You know mostly I don't care and I will let y'all carry on as you wish.

I hope that any newbies or frustrated sellers coming to the forums will read some of the posts here that don't claim the sky if falling or that Etsy is the devil trying to ruin all of us.

There are lots of other approaches to the topic for those people and I hope they can find the productive information they are seeking.
Jan, I am sure there are some in Europe feeling the effects, too. I hope they see this thread.
Ok, everybody knock it off....try to think how we can use the information on stats and get it to work for us.
Forget the squabbling and let's get back to business.

Can you explain how you did your screen shots so others understand?
Sue that is a great proactive idea if you really believe its something on Etsys end. good for you.
CRAP!!! I think we just lost everybody...Dang it...now I am going bitch...those screen shots were important because it would give everyone a better handle on their business....
*walks away disgusted*
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:58 pm Jun 25, 2012 EDT
Maybe the decline in traffic is why Etsy is suddenly making all of these changes.
Well, HELLO LOOP !! Pull up a chair and have a spot of tea. I'd love to see your stats. Of course what you may find unnecessary approach may work just great for me . You always say it's different for all shops. I am so happy that you decided to join us.
Now , how can we utilize this new visual aid to help get our point across to the admin hmmmmm?
As I said in a previous thread, we do welcome data that can help to illustrate your concerns. In the meantime, perspectives, experiences and information may all differ. Let's give some respect to that and one another as this discussion continues. Thank you, friends.

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