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Averaging sales of 26 a month ..i haven't had a sale for 12 days?

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Let's move away from discussion about arguments or disputes between members. I think that all the participants of this thread want to see their shops (and the shops of others!) succeed and are individually as well as collectively trying to find ways to make that happen. Let's focus on that, rather than anything else.

As I've said in previous threads, we pay a lot of attention to data and that's what drives us to make improvements or to address issues within the marketplace. We'll continue to keep our eyes open for anything which might cause a widespread drop in views or sales.

In the meantime, I think it's most appropriate for this thread to be placed in Business Topics, and so I'm going to move it there now.
Notice.....I leave and still the attack continues.

Who came in calling people ignorant and juvenile. Clearly I wasn't the one that started the vicious attack last night. Try going back to page Page 51 at 2:37. Up until that point everyone was getting along just fine and having a discussion. I think everyone here can read for themselves who comes in to attack others......and it hasn't been me that strikes the first blow.

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Inactive Etsy Member 1:53pm Jun 26, 2012 EDT
Gina is right but I don't think the team name should be THE SLOW SALES TEAMS, I think it should be CUT THE SELLER TO YOUR LEFT.

I mean really, go at each other and then saying things like..."I have so much respect for you but hold on, I am about to rip you a new one." There is a old saying from when my dad was in the Navy....Don't piss on my shoes and tell me it's raining. Don't go after someone else and then try to make excusses to why you are so good at it. We can be mad about this situation and we can share our unhappiness but picking fights with people that you would NEVER stand up to if you where face to face is just stupid.

Now let's ALL put our big girl panties on and try to find ways to help each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, please try to play nice. I think this thread has the potential to help a lot of people as there have been some very good ideas in it.
You seem intent on a fight.....with anyone.....please don't get this thread shut down because you're angry.
One of the best things I've gotten from this thread is that I've found some new shops that I hadn't found before. jlyndesigns - I'm eyeing several things in your shop - you'll be seeing me on Friday when I get paid again.
Thanks for popping in and letting us know you're still here and watching Rob.
Cathy from ArtfulTrinkets1 says
Yes, that's something I'm thinking about more Sharyn. But not sure where to start - I for one don't really like social media much, as it gets too consuming of time, energy, and concentration. I sell at craft markets, but at the moment only one a month, as I don't have a car. I'm wondering about putting up posters or leaving leaflets in businesses etc, but have to look into legalities here in Aus. Google overwhelms me, I'm not an expert at SEO. Anyone have other ideas?
I hear ya, Cathy! I'm just not of the social networking generation but I try. I don't understand twitter. My friend's son said when he has time, he will show me how to use it effectively for business. I'm not great at facebook and need to dust off my page. The one thing that has been very beneficial to me was being featured on some blogs where future brides and those wanting a personalized gift have found me but that wasn't my doing. People have just graciously featured me. Most of my business has been word of mouth. I do think it is helpful to send business cards with your orders. If your customer loves your product and your service, they will pass it on to their friends. I've gotten quite a bit of business that way. I know it seems so simple and uncomplicated. LOL! I'm always open to suggestions and ideas from others. The fact is, Etsy is always changing, google is always changing, if something quits working for us, we have three choices, wait to see if Etsy gives you an answer, give up, or try to research and try different ways of drawing people into your shop. I choose number 3.
Yes, thanks too for keeping it open Rob cuz there really is some great advice and encouragement in here too!

Organix, wanted to thank you again for the information you gave me. After viewing my stats in the way you showed me I see that my figures are not off nearly as much as I thought they were, so its actually kind of calming to see the bigger picture! Thanks again.
8pm here now. 14 hours no sale and one convo - this is so far worst day by a lot in past 6 months I mean really bad, not slow - Im really not used to have such days ever. depressed a lot now.
Thank you Rob! You're a real gem!

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