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Averaging sales of 26 a month ..i haven't had a sale for 12 days?

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I must say that my views today are very good for friday but probably not from right people. Really last 2 days are really strange, Im not sure but maybe today I dont have single US customer again... strange.
I had a great Friday, second week in a row. Not sure why, barely and sales all week and then Friday I have a great day.

Wish everyday was Friday for me!
My Friday was 2nd worst day this year, 3rd of normal Friday sales.

Yesterday I had great sales day - dunno why, people all over the world, multiple orders - just like it was before.

Today it seems slow but lets see, Sundays are always good but so were fridays..

Views are very very low today and yesterday...
So everybody is doing well again it seems? Im really curious how others doing. It seems that season of extremes is here. And relevancy is killing me more and more.
Views plummeted again but the June totals were very disturbing. Sales were down over 40% from last year. I can't attribute it to the economy or time of year because I did so well last year. The last art show I went to a week ago people were buying like it was a fire sale. It opened at 9:00 am and was crowded with lots of buyers by 10:00. This was a higher end show, $400.00 entry fee, that runs 2 day.s.
I'm with you ccvalenzo. I'm down by 50% in views, sales and revenue from last year. I can understand sales dropping some with the economy and all, but why the tremendous drop in views. I am coming up in searches here and there. And while I am happy that some are up 50% from last year, I can't help but wonder what has really caused the differences.
Meant to say that my figures are from January - Junes for this year and last.
Marking page 34...
Hey guys, how are you, really I would like to know if it returned to normal or is it still so bad?
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:42am Jul 4, 2012 EDT edited
Jan, I don't know if people have much sympathy for you any more. You are making a good amount of sales every day. Most people who are posting about low views & sales are making 0 sales.

I can't complain too much. I have been lucky to have kept making regular sales the past 2 months even with a big drop in views. Especially the last 2 weeks of june. I actually made more sales in june than in may.

My monthly shop stats for views for the year are level from january to april then nosedive in may and further in june.

July has started off good for me.

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