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Case opened against me!

Hey everyone! While I was on vacation, I put a banner with huge letters saying "Miri Textiles is on vacation! Feel free to browse and make purchases, but please be aware that no shipments will be made until after June 18." I also put this in my shop policies and profile. Well, someone bought an item while I was away, and I shipped it out to her on June 20. Now she's opened a case against me because she hasn't received it. I asked Etsy to close the case a minute ago and sent and contacted the lady via Etsy. I can't find a regular email address for her, so can't contact her that way. I'm afraid! Has anyone had this happen to you? I'm new here and don't really know if I should do anything else.

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Her email address should be in her order...at the bottom of the email transaction notification that Etsy sends you...
You shipped on the 20th and she opened the case today (22nd)?
Hmm. In you automated reply, did you have that note saying that you will ship only after June 18? Many times customers just don't read our announcements and policies!

I'm assuming that she didn't see the notice that I was on vacation, and thought that it was taking WEEKS rather than days to receive her order. I sent a shipping notification on the 20th.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:31am Jun 22, 2012 EDT
EEEP! Hope you get it sorted out! I know I'm always afraid to use vaca mode, too.
Reshma, I didn't know you could do that. Oy vey.
Do you have proof of shipping? Even a receipt you can scan and send to the customer and Etsy?

Also, her email address is on your invoice and your paypal receipt.
Yikes.. hope you get this resolved.
I think it will get sorted out! If its out of your hands now, and its been shipped don't worry! She should see the notification by now!

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