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How much would you pay for a custom designed business logo?

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Wow didnt expect such a strong response from everyone! I think at the end of the day the graphic design trade is hugely undervalued, people who think they are designing amazing logos that havent even researched the topic are causing problems for those who have spent hours and years practicing and researching what they do, I can afford to offer competitive prices here on etsy but thats because Im a student and am only half way through my graphic design degree it must be an awful place to try and do business if you have a family to keep and bills to pay. Also if a designer tells you that they're designing a logo for you in photoshop ask for a refund straight away thats not good!
Etsy is definitively NOT the place to offer logo design services if you want to be treated and paid like a skilled professional. Yet, here I am. This thread was really interesting to read.

I find that the "in-betweeners" who are only going to sell on Etsy as a hobby, or just need a workable logo until they can find out whether they want to take it to the next level, are a good group that don't mean any offense by not wanting to pay for custom logo design--thus, that is why I changed my ways and started being okay with premade logos (Haters gonna hate, I know I did/slightly am still ashamed. lawl).

Doing contract work for local design companies, my entry-level pay is $25 an hour. Doing custom logos, I can spend something like weeks researching and planning, another week transferring ideas to the computer, and then after I bring this back to the client, there's always something to change.
depends on how much I like the logo... a good logo really helps the business to leave a good impression for current and potential customers.

But both my husband and I are designers, we design 2d images and 3d spaces for customers, so we do it ourselves :)
15 - 20 dollar
I don't know whether I should laugh or cry on the behalf of designers. Half the people in this thread have absolutely no idea of what they are talking about, if they talk about an amount around 20-50 bucks. I would drop the discussion were I a designer and not be offended of the ignorance of people who clearly don't want to be educated on the subject; move on for your own sake.
Terri Pezzullo from CrochetAwayByTerri

Changed from TerriPezzulloJewelry on Nov 26, 2016

8:23am Jul 7, 2012 EDT
I think if I were to leave my day job and to sell jewelry full time I would be willing to spend a decent amount of money, probably over $150 as I would want something simple and professional and to stand out. Something similar to "Alex and Ani" every time I see there logo I have to stop and look. (it could be because my sons name is Alex)..LOL.. But it is very nice...
Unfortunately there is so much competition here on Etsy for this service. I do believe you get what you pay for. People get free business cards from Vistaprint then gripe about the price!
Suzanna McMahan, yes we are looking at your logo but did you do your own banner?
I saw prices starting form $200 on Etsy, so waiting to save :)
I have an artist friend who charges me $20 for each logo.
$10-20 for a custom logo? ...that's quite funny.

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