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New to Etsy, would appreciate some advice.

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:34pm Jun 24, 2012 EDT

I just opened my shop a few days ago and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at my shop and give me any advice as to what I could do better to increase views/favorites and eventually get some sales!

Thanks so much!

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you can try teams for a critique
Hi, teams are good. But I think first off you need to work on your titles, and your pic's. When I started out i loved photos like you are doing, however i was told to take them on plain white backgrounds. This will show your item better. And your titles need to be redone, sorry, but you get more views when you put your 3 most important words first. For example, i sell stick pins for embellishing scrapbooks, and cardmaking. so I would make my title like this..
Stick Pin Embellishments For Scrapbooking Cardmaking Papercrafts.
I hope this helps you out!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:45pm Jun 24, 2012 EDT
Thanks Teresa, that was very helpful!
Also, when you do your tags use all 13, and try to list your title as much as you can. This is the way google does there searches. the first 3 words in your title, and don't put a color in your title, save it for your tags.
I would not put your pics on plain white backgrounds since many of them are already white. I like the background, I would just crop the pics a bit so you can see what they're saying a little easier.
put some of your angled shots as first position, to enliven the layout. BTW, i'm not sure shooting on white will do it for you, because your posters are white ...
they need to be brighter, take into picasa or photoshop and use white balance or levels to get them bright.
Ditto what Anne said!
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:57pm Jun 24, 2012 EDT
Thanks! I just changed some of them so that some angled photos are first. Thanks so much for your help!!!
Hello! I was new not to long ago
and my advice to you is maybe brighten your pictures more. I love the background by the overall picture could use better lighting
Definitely work on your tags and use phrases instead of single words.
Make sure you create a lot of items! More items you have the more notice you become in searches. Also promote yourself outside of etsy. Promote on twitter,tumblr,facebook,instagram,pinterest,twitter. The list can go on from that but don't forget to do that as well

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