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Was I born yesterday????

Has anyone seen an increase in people trying to scam you out of refunding an item and then keeping it?

Over the past three weeks I have had 3 of such purchases who contact me about a tiny thing broken/missing. I ask them to please photograph it for me and suggest what we can do to remedy the situation.

2 out of 3 never sent me the photograph at all, and one sent a photo with one tiny starfish broken but then never followed up with whether she wanted to send it back to be fixed or have me send some new starfish to self-fix.

I do not offer to refund EVER and it just seems like they're testing the water to see if they can keep the item and get a refund for having a complaint. Am I way off here? What else could possibly be the story?

As my brother says, "Hold on, let me check my calendar and see if I was born yesterday!"

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Honestly a seller who never refunds would scare me off.

You have to just figure it out as it comes.
I haven't checked your store policies but that is the place to start. When one of my patterns or books is damaged in transit, I request a return and offer a refund when I receive it back. Most of the time, I never receive the item and never hear back. But make sure nothing in your policies contradicts this.
Why not repair if something is broken? I think that is a much better option than refunding, since you still get to maintain a profit margin. Why assume they are trying to scam you? 3 separate instances of broken merchandise would lead me to believe, as a shop owner, that the stuff is breaking. Not trying to insult.
Umlaut~ I didn't say I don't refund, of course I do when it's warranted. I never offer that first to someone complaining of a minor thing.

I think my policies are ok, but maybe too vague. For damages I state that we will together decide how to handle the replacement or fix. I really believe each damage is different -- if it's totally trashed by Fedex or something of course I refund or send new, but I don't believe that's necessary when 1 tiny thing is broken. Most of my items are fragile.
I went and read your policies and I do not think they are too vague. They read fine to me.
@ Fox: I just have to pop in and tell ya that I love every item in your shop.

@OP: I would never buy anywhere, without a refund policy that works for me. If your policies say "No refunds ever.", than the buyer knows that and has no ground to make any arguments. If it isn't clear in your policies, I would really change that!
I have over 2700 sales, so I have learned how to pack things that are fragile:)

It's just wierd that in the last couple weeks I've had 3 that end up not following up after a very MINOR complaint. What else should I think other than they are trying to scam? Honestly wondering here what other scenario would cause this, not trying to start anything:)
Wow, your items are really fragile, I wouldn't even begin to know how to package those starfish items. Really Pretty though.
please, please read the OP...

I never said I never refund! I simply said that when someone has a damage, that I never offer a refund without trying to have me repair it or sending them something that they can self-repair with.

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