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Facebook etiquette.

Well, I am such a newbie to facebook. I did up my biz facebook page and low and behold a few people are liking me.

Um, is there a reciprocal thing I should be doing when someone takes the time to like me?

I know I need to stay on top of FB but I feel like I'm wading thru molassas with it.

And OMG, I'm supposed to add this Twitter thing too? How do you folks keep up with all of it? And make your crafts? And pack and ship? And have time to ride your horses? LOL. :-)

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Congrats on your FB page! No, you don't have to reciprocate likes. And you don't have to do Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, etc. Do what you are comfortable with and enjoy. :)
I hear ya, Tracy!

Maintaining a shop on Etsy and promoting it is a 12-16 hour per day job one you make one of a kind items!
I usually pop in once in awhile on my FB page to say "thanks" to my new fans. Other than that, I just comment on any commens they may make.

And you aren't obliged to to do Twitter, etc. I'm on Twitter; can't say it's brought me any business but you never know. Just do what you are comfortable with. : )
And don't forget blogging. :-)

Seriously, figure out what makes sense for you and focus on that. I have a blog and a business FB page but I don't twitter and my pinterest is a hit and miss thing for me to "keep up with".
Carly, thanks for your reply. It took me FOREVER to set up my FB page and now I kind of wonder why the heck I added yet one more task to my daily drudge!

Artgirl... one of a kinds are soooooo time consuming aren't they?

Laurie, that's EXACTLY what I needed to know! So, its okay to just "pop in" here and there? I thought I had to spew forth thoughtful, deep and insightful posts. Thank goodness its not necessary as that's just NOT me! LOL!

EDCCollective... Blogging TOO! Say it ain't so! If I had a way with words it might intice me but.... my grammer is poo poo and speling ain't wort nuthin so nobuddy wuld read it.

Tracy, Facebook can be a bit overwhelming when you first dive in. Your customers will love having you in their news feed though, so that way they can see when you add new items or just read your general updates. Most of the people I know check Facebook far more often than Etsy so it will be a good resource for you. I've been using Facebook years personally and for one year professionally so don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions.
I'm a business owner, and as such, unless I become friends with a client, I don't go "liking" back the pages of people who paid the compliment of liking my items. If you own a brick-and-mortar store and someone comes in, looks around, and tells you she likes your items, do you say, "Thank you!" or do you say, "Thank you, I like you too!"? The latter would be creepy.

I thank my fans with periodic messages stating so, and with having raffles at millstone numbers.

I pop in quickly when I'm on Facebook anyway. It takes a second or two to add my business page name to the URL and see if I have new messages or anything.
I do follow or like back if I genuinely do like their items, though many here do like or follow those that like them, to help give more exposure to other shops.

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