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Donna and Darrell Knish from BlackForestCottage says

So true Capricorn, there is something to be said for a socialist healthcare system. It would be nice if the government would look at what works for those countries that have that system and take all the good parts of it and make it work here. They have so many countries to look at as well

That scares me to death. And good luck trying that in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming...you get the pictures. I guess you've never been here if you think that the citizens of THESE states are the same as the citizens of somewhere like Jill's state, Minnesota.

Idaho is one of 26 states that was given the go-ahead by the Supreme Court to resist implementation...and they will.

And by the way, I wouldn't live anywhere else. The state has a surplus after actually reducing spending, who woulda thought?
I guess the difference between those that say, "why not?" and me is....I don't want to be Canada (no offense Canada), I would NEVER live in Canada, the UK......or really any other country. I don't look at those systems with longing, I'm consider myself lucky to live where I live.

Also, I'm a homschooler who believes that public schools are a disaster and I would happily give up my "right" to medicare someday and social security (if I believed that it would actually still exist).
Brandi....I hear ya. There are some scary possibilities with Obama's healthcare plan.
For those of us with life-threatening, pre-existing conditions, the possibilities without Obamacare are pretty damned scary, too.
I read through the whole thread and am just left feeling frightened and sad for those of us who live in the U.S. I can't really say anything logical or offer any persuasive arguments at the moment. Just maybe, is it possible to maintain a sense of independence and free will while believing in or serving the common good?

Just one year ago, at 12 years of age, my son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (that's the one where the body stops creating insulin). Could someone tell me what his condition has to do with pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps? Is that philosophy more important than his life? Or the lives of those who shared their stories here?

I'm glad that we live in Massachusetts at the moment. And maybe now, I can think about looking for work outside of this state.
This country pays double what other countries do for its healthcare, and has worse overall healthcare stats. I will never understand paying a third person aka insurance comps. to push around papers. They provide no healthcare, just take money to give out money.
We have fewer doctors , hospital beds and clinics than Canada does per cap.
As a person who was dropped from insurance while in the hospital and having had that insurance for over 20 years I am a bit more than disgusted with insurance companies. Now with a pre existing condition, no one will touch me until 2014. And in the meantime I had to have an operation costing 30k. So .. bring on Obamacare !!!
Hi folks,

It seems the conversation has moved to national political grounds. It's an important debate, but one that is outside of the purposes of the Etsy Forums. I thank everyone for participating. It was a good read, and confirmed my belief that we have one of the best communities on the internet. Closing this one. Thanks all!

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