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Abandoned custom order....

I got a request for a custom order (pink sailor charm "twice as nice" on my shop) and the person who requested it has, since I posted the listing, "favorited" the item, but purchased and it's been several weeks. I'm not sure how to move forward, but I would like to open the listing for public purchase if she's no longer interested but I don't want to be rude or awkward....

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Is it something you would be able to make again if she decides to purchase later?

Maybe send her a message that in x amount of days you will be opening up the listing to all buyers?
Send them a convo AND email and ask if they are still interested in the item, so that you can make it available to others if they are not.
I would just email them that if they're not interested any more you're going to put it up for sale to the public on such and such date....give them maybe 3 days to read your email. Then edit the listing to say it's reserved for her until that date. After that date, edit out any reserved/custom info and put it up for sale to everyone.

It happens. You can avoid it by getting deposits up front for custom orders, but I know that's a pain in the butt too.
I just deactivated a listing yesterday from someone who requested a custom order like 2 months ago. It happens sometimes, try not to be frustrated. I would convo and email and let her know you will take it off reserve in 2 weeks (I wouldn't count this holiday week if she is in Canada or the States).
And, in the future, require payment in advance. You can decide if you want to do 100% payment, or a smaller deposit.
This has happened to me before. I have learned not to make the item until they check out and it is paid. One lady needed a birthday sign ASAP and I was more worried about getting it done and sent than she was so I made it and waited for payment so I could get it in the mail that day. (We had multiple convos about it and she even talked about over night shipping) She never got back to me. I was stuck with a custom decal that I couldn't sell.

I have ordered custom in the past and that seller needed her money before she ever showed me what my item would look like. Maybe that is what I should do. I've spend a lot of time customizing something for a buyer only to never hear from them again. It's frustrating but thankfully it's not often. I would put the item for sale in your shop.
I have had that happen before too - the first rule of custom orders is... do NOT make anything until it has been paid in full! :) Then you'll never be stuck with something that you can't resell and hasn't been paid for. I even make my friends and family prepay - some of them are the worst offenders!

I agree with the other posters - send an e-mail and a convo nicely reminding her that you have her custom order listing up, and that you will ship it as soon as she completes the order process. If you don't hear back from her in 3 days you'll assume she isn't interested anymore and will put the item in your shop for sale.

Hope that helps!
That happened to me once too, despite being in continuous communication with the customer. Someone else eventually purchased the custom item and I let it happen. I was a new seller at the time and wish I'd heard all the good advice you guys are giving!
We've all been there. Jumping through hoops to please a customer and finalize the sale. So sorry this is happened to us all. I like to believe it's merely an exercise that goes along with the business .... I'd go with the suggestions given. I do hope it's a sale for your troubles and time.
Everyone have a Marvelous Monday!

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