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Anything off-putting?

I have been looking at my shop so much I can't tell what's good anymore. Can I get a fresh pair of eyes and some advise. I know I need to get some real pics of the prints up asap. Other then that I'm not sure. Sorry for such a specific post. If someone wants me to re-pay the favor, let me know. I can have fresh eyes for you! :)

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I'm not sure why your images are so small. Thumbnails are hard enough to see, and it looks like you made them smaller.

Also, make sure your tags are phrases instead of all single words. Better for search.

Your shop has a great look, so I love that, I'm just afraid that if people don't see the image better they'll move on.
Also, your banner, which I like, is also small, or at least not filling the area, and it's kind of faint.
Do you mean the prints? The items on the first page are all horrible representations of 8x10 prints. I don't have actual prints photographed yet but first thing on my list! Thanks for the reply! Your hats are beautiful and I love how you used the models!
your images are so small


^^^ this.

love your art!
Thanks so much Nicole.

Yes I mean the prints, on the first page. The photos seem fine, they're just not filling the thumbnail. I don't know why that is.
Larger images would make people look, close ups and shown in frames [use all 5 pictures!] - You need to make people curious :) -I`m sure it would help with traffic ;)

(This was my first impression about Your shop earlier today, but since You didn`t ask then, i didn`t comment on it :P- but I believe many people (potential customers!) feel that way ;)

[Your older listings look great ;) ]
Thank you! The prints have been driving me crazy too, but haven't gotten the rest of pics up yet. I kinda rushed to get those photos up so they would at least be available. Maybe I should have waited until I have the rest of the photos. I LOVE your art nodsu! The pics are awesome! Perfect for the crazy fun animals!
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:24am Jul 4, 2012 EDT
I agree with everyone else. Your pictures are way too small. They really hurt my eyes. :(

But they look like they'd be beautiful. I favorited the one I liked best.

I think you should just scan your art and put those scans up as one of your photos for each listing, just so you have a close-up that people can see from the thumbnail. Otherwise people will definitely be put off by the small thumb sizes.

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