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Front page and a spot in a treasury make a difference in how many views to a store

I was so happy after 3 days of opening my shop the items were chosen for front page I was so excited, then the following day my kitty pads were chosen for a treasury. I received well over 100 views my first few days open and had quite a few favorites. Now for the past 2 days I only had 5 views yesterday and 3 favorites, today I have only had 1 view.

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Congrats on the front page thing! That is awesome! You kinda started out with a bang though. At least with my experience, which isn't much. lol. I have been told marketing is an ongoing and important part. You need to do all the things you can think of to let people know about your shop. Do contests, comment like crazy, make your own treasuries, utilize social media. Like I said, ANYTHING you can think of. That way people are consistently seeing your items and shop for the first time. The more it is out there, the more likely people will discover it. :)
Ty for the information, I have been brain storming and trying to learn how to market, what to make next to build the inventory ( lol).
Laurie, do you have another shop that you're referring to? I'm looking at TheNeedleandSawShop now and it looks like the item with the highest number of views was only viewed 22 times.
You never know what will get picked up and what won't. I've been here for years and I've never been on the front page or in a finds email.

Meanwhile, my daughter launches a line in April, and within weeks, she's in the Etsy finds emails. Multiple times. A couple of nights ago, she was on the front page (at 3am our time). Her sales are quickly closing in on mine!

When you're starting from scratch, it's not unusual to have days with only 5-10 views. You were lucky to land a front page, but that traffic, as you've seen, won't last.

You'll need to work on your own to build traffic, whether it's through Facebook, blogging, or outside advertising. Welcome to Etsy!
I was speaking of an accumulation of views not for one particular item. I am doing alot of reading trying to learn the ropes and work on inventory. I have a couple of ideas but have not started them yet maybe when I have a larger display the views will increase. I keep reminding myself I am just starting out

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