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Is this oven proof? New 100 Sheets 3M Film Transparency Film

I have such offered for sale here (cheaper than the store) and customer asked if it can be used in the oven-she asks "
are you able to bake this in an oven? im wondering if you can because i could make some nice wings to go on modelling clay dragons"

I am hoping some peeps on etsy.com can help me find out this info for her-thanks

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I doubt it. I think you would need to use something that actually states it is ovenproof
Thanks-the people who have bought these in past used such for crafts purposes, just thought I'd try and here

Amazingly a lot of things not made for crafts are used within upcycling, etc crafts field
3M has a website with technical information. You can check there and contact them through it to find out the temperatures for melting point, flash point, etc. That should tell you if it is safe, temperature wise, to use in an oven.
What does the packaging list for 'recommended uses'?

The 3M transparency film that I use probably will melt in an oven as it gets very very soft when used in a high wattage projector.
I would definitely check out the 3M website to make sure. I have used transparencies when transferring an image to copper for etching. They are specifically made for laser printers, but are just an office product, not made for jewelry. I print the image then use my iron at the highest setting to iron the image onto the metal. I hold the iron on the plastic, on top of the metal for a couple of minutes and the plastic does not melt or warp in any way. It can take a lot of heat : ) I can't tell by your package if your plastic sheets would do the same, so I would check with the company directly. Better safe than sorry.
Since the item you are selling is specifically designed for overhead projector use, I wouldn't recommend using it in an oven at all.

I'd suggest to the buyer that they use something more appropriate to their application. There are films designed specifically to being baked and this isn't one of them.
Thanks for all the info-I told her i was going to post here, for her to check o it out-I'd guess she wants to cut costs and cut corners which is not sometimes wise thing to do-I was going to give her company's toll free number but am tad unsure how an operator or csr there would handle how hot can it withstand?

Oddly, some of the older overhead projectors do get hot but...

Thanks alot

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