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How can I get people to leave feedback?

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how do I leave feedback?
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:51pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT
Hmm... I deliver my merchandise digitally, via e-mail. After delivering all important information about their order in the e-mail, I have included a sentence saying that if they are happy with their order, it would be great to get some feedback to help me build my business...

.... I thought this was okay.. but after reading this thread, I'm wondering if it's rude?
Shelley RobillardfromThisThatAndChristmas says

I don't think it is as spammy for a buyer to ask for it from a seller, but sometimes sellers, especially high volume ones, leave it in batches so they may still be intending to do it.

I agree, I think that it is okay to ask a seller for feedback. All of the etsy supply sellers I have asked have been more than happy to oblige.
becki ewert says

how do I leave feedback?

Hi Becky, go to the upper right section of your Etsy page and click on the link that says "Your Account." There should be another link from the account drop down that says "Feedback." After that it is pretty simple and straightforward.
Letting it happen on its own is the best way to get it, asking for it means you may get feedback you don't bargain for or it is akin to asking for a compliment...

It will come, you just won't get it from everyone...I wouldn't worry about it, just do your best and let the chips fall where they may...:)
I actually appreciate it if buyers ask me to leave feedback for them (after they've left feedback for me). I figure, if it means that much to them, then I most definitely want to find their transaction and give them feedback right away.

Otherwise, I get to it whenever I get to it. The feedback system isn't very user friendly in addition to being lopsided and broken.

Just sayin.
You can mention Etsy's feedback system somehow in your 'note to buyer' that automatically goes out with every sale you make.

I too have hundreds more sales than I have feedback. But then, I'm terrible about leaving feedback, I never get around to doing it.
I find that the more diligent I am about leaving feedback for buyers in a timely fashion, the better they are about leaving it for me. I don't push it though, because when I am the buyer, I am lazy about leaving feedback and it bothers me if a seller pesters me for it.
Oh please don't email customers asking for feedback. it's optional.
I just thought I'd chime in and say that after I mark an item as shipped, I send a shipping notification like this:


Hi There,
Your order is in the mail! If you have any issues feel free to let me know. If you love it, let me know by leaving Feedback in my ETSY shop! Thanks so much for shopping in my LIFE IS ROSEY store!
:) Sarah Jane

P.S. - LIKE my fan page for updates, giveaways, and new product announcements! www.facebook.com/lifeisrosey


I hope this is helpful to someone!
:) Sarah Jane

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