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Do people get drawn to a shop who has free shipping?

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:15pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT
I am doing an experiment with free shipping to see weather my sales would increase with it. Has any-one done this, and how have you found it to work out?

Thank you heaps!

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:28pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:29pm Jul 9, 2012 EDT
Personally, I'm not drawn to it as I know that the "free" shipping is probably just included in the item price.
But I'm sure it works for some people.
I did a couple of months last year with Free Shipping in my tags and title and description.

It made no difference to sales (I honestly don't think anyone noticed!) BUT it certainly affected my Google views - all of my listings disappeared from Google Shopping. Google does not like Free Shipping!
Tried it in my shop a couple of times and it did not make any difference even with advertising it on FB, twitter and my blog. Not really worth it for me.
That's not always true, Hattie. When people do free shipping as a promo, they don't usually then go and change the price of all their listings.
Customers love it. That is why Amazon and so many other big retailers offer it. No matter what anyone says here the facts are clear - customers like free shipping.
Nothing is ever free. "Free shipping" usually means the original price was just increased.
Far too many people yelling 'Free shipping!!!' when they have clearly just upped the price - that is included, not free.

I am cynical of it now, sorry.

I know that things cost to send in the post. So I don't mind seeing a fair postage price. If I can't see it because it is included in the item price, how do I know it actually is fair?
When it's truly free shipping I am more tempted to buy something. Low shipping charges work better in general though.

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