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Do you have helping family members?

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My Pauly keeps the door closed to my work room and keeps the hounds happy for as long as he can
They get upset when they can't see me or be under my feet
I hear a lot of whining and pacing when I am working lol
He takes them out, plays with them, gets them to do tricks... all so I can get my work done
And he cooks!!! That is the biggest help of all
I don't have to worry about stopping what I am doing to make dinner or think about what is for dinner lol
LOL. no ... this has never happened. hubby has given me his input before, and I ask for it all the time. but luckily he has his own hobbies to keep him busy. :-)

I know it's a lot of work to fix what he "fixed" but as long as he was actually trying to be helpful about it ... it's still nice to know he cares. :-)
My boyfriend helps as much as he can. His hands are shakey and my work requires a lot of precision so he doesn't help with the actual creating. He's great help with running errands, cleaning the kitchen, entertaining the dog, and anything else that needs to be done. I wouldn't be able to do this if he wasn't here to pick up my slack!
My husband is on his way to the PO for me right now. He's been known to wick a candle or two for me when I get bulk wedding orders :)

I appreciate his help, but I'm an extreme OCD perfectionist, and sometimes his wicks just aren't quite centered....I'll pull them and rework when he isn't looking :P
My husband offered to help me glue purses one day. I trust my husband in many things, and I was super grateful for the offer, but I just can't quite gather enough confidence to leave the very last, important step of purse-making to someone else! One mistake and then the whole purse is ruined. So I thanked him and said maybe later!
Aww bless lol. I get left to my own stuff, but sometimes force my sister to help me :)
I'm like the Little Red Hen....noone helps me grind the wheat,knead the dough,etc so I get to eat the bread myself. (In other words, I take my little bit of apron profit and do whatever i want with it! ) Hehe...actually hubby is supportive and daughters sometimes model for me.
Many hands make light work, so wife is a happy helper. Nieces and nephews on occasion as well. Usually they help for free but sometimes I pay them with treats and even money (Wow) sometimes. They really like that. The wife just gets kisses. She reports to be underpaid. ;-)
Husband helps by putting up with me, staying out of the way, and providing health benefits. And helping me celebrate milestones.
I think if I found him picking up tools to adjust something I made I would fall over from shock.
I do most of the work myself. There is a family member who pitches in sometimes. My cats think they can be of help. They also think they own the place. :D
Everything I use to make stuff (material included) for other people is kept in a room that the cats dont go into.

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